Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Week of Walks

Time and the seasons are flying by. Work is still at best a challenge and at worst a big intrusion on my personal life and inner calm - which is why this walking journey is so important. Now in to work an hour early and off at regular time will have me home in time to walk/run or walk /contemplate for at least three miles. Weekends will be AM walks.

Yesterday I saw the blue heron carefully perched in the water at the canal. I slowed a bit so as not to startle him, then continued for another 2 blocks or so and headed back, again carefully walking past his perch. It worked - he stayed the whole time. I went about two more blocks and then saw him gliding over the water.

What treasures to watch and hear during my daily trek. Even with problem solving during these walks - I can see, hear, and feel God's Grace and Love and thank Him for all He has given.

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