Saturday, September 16, 2006

Early, Early Saturday AM

Could not sleep, so will write some.

With the sun rising later, walks during the week are at 2 miles and on weekends, back to 3+ miles. Have been able to get the 2 miles in most days.

This AM was very quiet. I miss doing the mile on the canal bike path because the early morning sounds are so peaceful along the path, but I can do that mile or two on Saturday and Sunday. As I walk down my country road, I notice the corn and beans beginning to turn for harvest - about 3 more weeks, I think. I'm watching for deer in the fields and even in my yard (munching on apples). The squirrels are scurrying around, hiding their winter feasts.

These gentle walks are good for me to sometimes mull over a problem at work and still be able to pleasure what the Lord has given.

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