Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Walking during the last week

This is the final week of the season at Lakeside, where we have our summer home on Lake Erie. This morning I walked about 2 miles before 7 a.m. There is a strong wind out of the northeast, so there was a lot of exciting wave action walking along the lakefront. The coffee shop is closed for a few days (not enough people), so I was waiting for a small luncheon place to open at 7:30. Yesterday I also got in 2 miles. Sunday and Monday--nothing. But Saturday I walked to the antique sale twice, so although that was more of a stroll, I think I got in 2 miles. After a really hot, but pleasant summer, it is now cool and rainy with a real hint of fall. Some of the cottages have already been closed up for the winter and look quite sad. The rains from Ernesto should be here by the week-end.

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Yellow Mama said...

I absolutely love the fall. We have been having some rain here in Texas which has been much needed to fill our lakes.

As to the walking, I hope to get back to the walking...I agree it is a wonderful time to hear God and get some exercise as well. I messed up something in my back about a week ago and am still having to go slow...ick...just not my style.

Have a blessed day!