Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Working up to Four Miles

Today I decided time to up the ante - 3 and 1/4 miles. Two walk/runs yet this year, both 5K's. A little nudge, saw one of my law enforcement acquaintance (does the 10K and marathon for the same days) who asked if I was going to do my usual run/walks. My friend and I are, but we have both been lax on the running side. I've only missed the rainy AMs, but must hop to it and get my act together with a little running and speed walking.

This AM was foggy and muggy, but at 70 degrees, it was not bad. While I was walking along the fenceline, I spied lots of gold finches flitting about the blue and white cornflowers. Down in town, one house has magic lilies all around a tree and the house where my uncle and aunt once lived is alive with flowers.

Even though we've had some good rains this year, the canal seems low - my fisherman neighbor told me that was because there hadn't been as much rain north of the Quad Cities ( my area of Illinois, right off Interstate 80, along the Mississippi). Still, I saw a big turtle out in the middle and some fish feeding by the banks.

On the way home, I marveled at the height of the corn. Then home and off to the office for the afternoon.

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