Friday, August 25, 2006

walking - one of the joys of life

sorry, I haven't been home for weeks but I have been walking and swimming and today I get out my bike again.

In Tallinn I walked about 2km everyday (sometimes more) -except Tuesday this week when it rained cats and dogs so I stayed inside ALL day.

It's good to be home again, and today I'll walk the dog too which will be GREAT!


Joanne said...

Glad you are back home - always good to be home. Must be the year for rain, we have had lots of rain the last two mornings.

The dog probably was waiting in great anticipation for that walk.

see-through faith said...

actually this summer there's been hardly any rain here at all - and in the teenage camp the well went dry and we had to have a fire-bucket chain of teenagers to get the water from the lake to the sauna building for heating.

All of us had to wash in the lake everyday. FUn memories