Friday, August 18, 2006

Skirting the issue along Lake Erie

I've been walking in cotton skirts I bought a Wal-Mart to stay cool while I walk. Tiered and swingy, like when I was in high school. Four miles yesterday, and one today, but I'm going back out. Wednesday evening we ate at friends' home, so I tossed that in as a mile to make about 3 for Wednesday. Summer is winding down. I picked up a green maple leaf today speckled with red, and the books at the Methodist store (in Lakeside) are 25% off for end of the season bargains. Although schools have started for the fall in some Ohio towns, there are still plenty of children here this week. My husband helped with the Kids Sail Wednesday and 91 children lined up for it. On our walk yesterday, my husband noticed a retired Methodist minister we know from church and stopped to chat (he was sitting on a park bench reading by the lake) He liked his cap. Today he bought one just like it.

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Joanne said...

I think August is my January - except when I was little and anticipated school. Once past August 31, I'm jolly again, fall is so gorgeous. Kids Sail - out in sail boats?