Monday, July 23, 2007

Twelve more miles

I'm twelve miles short of 300 this morning - having walked more than 30 miles while on retreat 10 days ago. My goal is to finish the 300 miles by the weekend - then commit to another 300 before the new Church year begins!

I told my spiritual director that I think I pray with my feet...and have some serious discerning to do in the next days and months, which I hope I can walk and pray through!

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Joanne said...

Great going! You just inspired me to add another couple miles tonight. I think we all do lots of thinking, mulling over, what ever you name it as we walk, swim, jog. And it does help - the early morning walks help me express accounting and auditing requirements to my bosses without causing too much commotion. And some thoughts come about that are pure enjoyment of God's creation.