Saturday, July 07, 2007

Freedom Walking

It has been a week of walking for freedom. I cherish these walks during the week of our nation's birthday. Mom was first generation born in the United States and Dad came through Ellis Island in 1920. Both were ardent lovers of American history, with Dad putting a Scottish twist on the American Revolution.

I have had some vacation time during this week and have taken full advantage of just doing what I want. The walks have been filled with the sounds, smells, and sights of summer - baby birds learning to feed themselves, bunnies nibbling at purple and white clover, and young squirrels with not so thick tails seeming to play tag in the trees. Schools of small fish are darting about in the canal and the turtles sun themselves on the floating branches. I haven't seen the blue heron - I don't suppose I was out early enough.

So it is back to work on Monday with a renewed spirit!

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Sally said...

what wonderful memories of walking- glad you enjoyed the holidays.