Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friendly Sunday

Another week as gone with an additional 29.5 miles. All week has been good walking weather. But it will be warmer this week. My walk today was filled with meeting friends and talking so I really was not very speedy. The walk down my country road was filled the gold finches sitting on the fence, singing and chattering. By the canal, I came across a ground hog just heading to his burrow, met up with the rabbits and squirrels, and spotted some turtles diving for a meal. On the way back, stopped by friends to see their puppy and stopped at another friend's garden to discuss tomatoes and peppers. Then back home. I did a little work outside, but way too humid for much more than about an hour. Taking a few days off this week to work in the yard in the morning and clean house in the afternoon. Next week I'll be in at a Dept of Labor training session. Hopefully the hotel will have a treadmill so I can at least get a mile or two in.

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