Sunday, January 13, 2008

We Are Only Into The Fourth Week of Winter

So much for the bike path this weekend - too cold. No snow, just cold (I'm such a pansy this weekend). So it is exercise on my own and some treadmill. I'll do better next weekend - even it is cold, I'm headed out for a walk. Have to wait for the weekends because of work hours.

People already are wishing for Spring and it is only going into the second month of Winter. My dad always said "don't wish your life way" - so I really enjoy each and every day as it comes, whether it be Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall.

I'm also trying to be a more healthy eater. That means less eating on the run and actually sitting down at night for a light meal, rather than doing work , reading e-mails, and eating supper at the same time. This ties right in with my life/work balance resolution of 4 years - and each year I get a better at allowing myself more precious personal time.

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