Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Thoughts an d New Year Ramblings

Although late in posting, Best Wishes for the New Year! The holidays were great with another Minneapolis Christmas at my niece's home.

Now that the holidays are past, I have taken time to gather my thoughts. The weather has not contributed much to walking, so I'm doing some jazzerize, modified yoga, and will start with weight training in a couple of weeks. Work is still a bear - when this "stimulus money thing" is over, I hope to never hear the word "stimulus" again. Managing the stimulus funding is a trip and a half, especially when the rules are changing constantly.

I have been able to schedule a day off for most weeks between now and Easter to restore my soul and my sanity. I still put in extra hours, but that day off helps me from getting burned out.

One thing I am looking forward to is a new computer at home, a digital camera, and hopefully hi-speed internet. I have procrastinated long enough for the new computer. If only I could just buy the thing and like magic have everything working in one hour. That truly is wishful thinking!


Norma said...

If you don't have a 10 year old grandson to help you, find the best "computer guy" you can and just pencil him in, sort of the way we did with color TV 40 years ago. And have fun with all your new toys. Let me know if you get on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

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