Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain and Water Everywhere

This has been a soggy month. So thankful that I am on high ground and at least a mile and 1/2 across woods and grassland to a river. The Mississippi is over the banks and the river I live near hasn't been totally in its banks since Dec 23.

I've been trying to get outside for a walk but the thunder showers keep coming- it is supposed to let up later - I'll try later this afternoon. Yesterday my friend and I did Race for the Cure 5K - a little over 3 miles of walking. I don't think my pace was up to par. I need to work on that, but my form with the walking sticks is much better.

I miss the early morning walks, but the weather has been really rainy this last 2 weeks. Better weather this week so I have no excuse. Can't wait for those early morning walks to clear my head and prepare me for the day.

Lots of yard work to do - still 7 roses to put in and the normal trimming and weeding. That is just for a start. The bramble rose bed is covered with wild grape and poison ivy is creeping in. I'm off for 2 and 1/2 days this week - Ill be working in the bramble rose and cleaning the patios of grass and whatever between the blocks. Then the rock walls need to be weeded. Once I get done, time to start the cycle again.

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