Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have really been a "pansy" about the weather. I had hoped to start walking right at Easter, but weather and work really haven't been cooperating. First 5K of year, Gilda's Fun Run, is tomorrow. So off I go with the walking sticks. When I reached 60, this 5K for me used to start with a 2 block sprint in the beginning and some sprinting in the middle, and another 2 block sprint at the end. Now it will be walking the route.

I can sprint some, but with the hip replacement comes having to admit I need to be careful. Tomorrow will be a good incentive to get it together again. It is only to be in the 40's, but at least no rain. We have done the Gilda's Fun Run in the rain, but best friend's umbrella turned inside out and the umbrellas were more trouble than they were worth. We ended up just getting wet and we didn't melt!

Am looking forward to tomorrow, especially the bagels after the walk. This will be a great start to get back to Nautilus and "unstress" from my agency's budget issues and the federal government's funding cuts for this year and next year.

New goal is at least 85 miles of walking though May 11th.


Norma said...

Good luck with your goal. The walking sticks has appeal. I think I'll look into that. What's the investment?

Joanne said...

They really are great. Mine were mid range - I think about $120 a pair. Go to to view. I think all their walking sticks now have a trigger release for the straps. Mine don't, but I have never had any problems.