Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Almost there!

I may just manage to meet my goal. With the sun rising later, I lose about a mile in the morning and haven't been able to walk after work - too late getting home. But only 19 miles from my goal - I can surely do that in 5 days. Especially since I am on vacation tomorrow with Labor Holiday on Monday. Home over the holiday weekend with lots of yardwork to accomplish. Then wash, wax, clean up the Jeep, and clean the garage. I really need that kind of work right now. Physical, not mental - my brain needs a rest from budgets and accounting.

The Morning Walks have been so filled with God's creation - even saw a muskrat. All the lovely flowers, shrubs, and trees are doing so well this year because of the rain. This summer has flown by - it has been 5 months and 2 weeks since I was in the hospital. How wonderful it is to be able to do things on my own again! :-)

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Norma said...

Your recovery has really been remarkable. I'm so proud of you. Here's a big pat on the back. Smack.