Saturday, August 01, 2009

Way Too Long Hours

Trying to manage some 4 milers in between 60 hour weeks at work. It rained here until about 2 in the afternoon. By that time I was just getting my act together and cleaning house. So I'll get my 4 in tomorrow before church.

I'm taking a day off on Monday, will still be working about 50 hours for the week. It is really "funny" - I'm the oldest at work, but have the most stamina for the long hours. I'd better not be "crowing" too much - pride goeth before a fall.

Looking foward to a real early walk tomorrow and Monday so I can maybe catch a glimpse of the blue heron and other favorite critters. During the week, Im changing my walking time so I'll be at work by 7AM and home by 6:30 in the evening to do "my 4"!


Norma said...

I saw a heron twice this morning at dawn (probably same guy). That's a lot of hours you're putting in.

Norma said...

Now that we're back at the lake, I'm getting 3-4 miles a day. Unfortunately, there are also wonderful things to eat, like an ice cream social and band concert today on the hotel lawn.

I've been on 3 bird walks this summer and learned there is no such thing as a sea gull.